mini yogis“…From Silver Lake to Santa Monica, from kundalini to hatha, there is one universal among the Southland’s diverse yoga scene: Kids are welcome…While the benefits of yoga are well known–it is said to help develop focus, balance, and motor skills–teachers agree that it is especially beneficial for children in developing self-confidence.

“The differentiation between yoga and every single other thing that a child is going to do in his or her life is that it’s entirely noncompetitive,” says Shana Meyerson, founder of mini yogis yoga for kids in Los Angeles. “A kid will never be told in yoga ‘You’re wrong, you’re not good enough, go sit on the bench,’ or be the last kid picked for a team.

“It’s huge for their self-esteem–especially for kids who aren’t athletically inclined,” Meyerson says. “In yoga, you try it, you’ve done it, you’re perfect. It’s great to have a place where kids can go, release some stress, release some tension and get in touch with their bodies.”

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Los Angeles Times (excerpt above)
“Stretching Bodies, Horizons”

April 3, 2003

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