no chanting, please!

i don’t chant. and i don’t chant with kids. i’ve had it out with a lot of people on this one. many of whom contend that devotion (bhakti) is an inextricable part of yoga. well, i agree. but i still don’t chant. why? because i’m jewish and my god isn’t the same god that is […]

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pavlovian (downward facing) dogs

what kids won’t do for a head tap… we all know that rewarding positive behavior is a very effective way to encourage said behaviors (right…?)…some might call these bribes. i like using rewards with my students. sometimes they take the form of pencils & erasers, stickers, beanie babies, five-carat diamond rings…sometimes they simply take the […]

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i’m not playing favorites!…well, not really…ok, maybe just a little bit…

sometimes i get a kid in my yoga class who just doesn’t fit in well with the others. maybe she’s shy or brash. maybe he lacks confidence or social skills. but for one reason or another, s/he just doesn’t fit in. the other kids talk and joke and bond, but this one kid is left […]

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Tip of the Week: Healthy Dessert

Healthy Dessert In an age that is rife with overeating and obesity, today’s tip is about the awesomest, tastiest, easiest, healthiest dessert that all kids…

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breaking bad…

there’s a story about mahatma gandhi that one day a woman came to him and said: gandhi-ji (or whatever she called him), my son has such a bad habit. he will not stop eating sugar! i have brought him with me today. he won’t listen to me, but i know he’d listen to you. if […]

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you’re going to think i’m mean…

yesterday, i was working with a group of 3-5 year old. precious, precious little girls. and there is one girl in particular who just steals my heart away. she’s four. let’s call her mia (all names are changed to protect the innocent!). anyway, this group loves to invert…headstands, handstands, shoulderstands. it’s all they want to […]

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"...Your class has really helped me persevere and stay strong through tough times...Through your class, I am learning how to channel that negative energy and focus on positive aspects of life and my future. "

- katie irwin, 
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