Body Positivity “27 Yoga Influencers Share Their Body Positive Transformations”

December 19, 2016

“27 Yoga Influencers Share Their Body Positive Transformations” (Excerpt)
by Minuca Elena


There is really no such thing as perfection when being body positive. I am not perfect, you are not perfect, and nobody is perfect; but in that imperfection, lies beauty.  You are a beautiful person as you are.

Yoga helps you accept and love your body as it is. Through meditation, breathing correctly, and pushing your body to do new things that seemed impossible, you will be able to find peace and bring joy into your life.

We approached 27 yoga experts to find out how they have used their practice of yoga to create more body positivity in their lives!

They are all unique in body shape and how they incorporate yoga into their everyday lives.

We asked them to share with us:

1) How does yoga promote body positivity in your life?

2) How has yoga changed your self-perception?:


urvha cucutasana yoga pose

Shana’s YOGAthletica power yoga practice for adults is spiritually, mentally and physically intense and challenging, yet totally authentic and accessible.

Shana Meyerson YOGAthletica.com

~ Shana is the internationally acclaimed creator of YOGAthletica and mini yogis yoga for kids. Based out of Los Angeles and trained by Sri Dharma Mittra, she lives a life that is dedicated to her practice, her teaching, and her students. Shana is all about keeping it real and keeping it fun while never losing sight of the classic beauty of the yoga.

1) Every day teaching, I am surrounded by beautiful people. Each and every one of my students is truly and honestly beautiful in his or her own way. When I look at my students, I don’t see skinny people or fat people.

I see lovable people who come in all shapes and sizes, and who all share the same hopes and dreams, fears and insecurities. Yoga promotes body positivity by releasing physical judgment and instead focusing on the total person. Ultimately, we are all one and that one is incredibly awesome.

2) I would love to tell you that because of yoga, I unconditionally love my body and all its glaring imperfections. But I would be lying. Like everyone, there are things I absolutely hate about my body. But there are also things I love.


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"...Your class has really helped me persevere and stay strong through tough times...Through your class, I am learning how to channel that negative energy and focus on positive aspects of life and my future. "

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