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Bold Journey “The Gift of Giving: Insights on Authentic Generosity (Shana Meyerson)”

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Alright – so today we’ve got the honor of introducing you to Shana Meyerson. We think you’ll enjoy our conversation, we’ve shared it below.

Shana, we’ve been so fortunate to work with so many incredible folks and one common thread we have seen is that those who have built amazing lives for themselves are also often the folks who are most generous. Where do you think your generosity comes from?
I love this question because charity is not only a cornerstone of my life, but my yoga. Growing up in the Jewish school system, I can remember as young as preschool that every single day we were asked to give charity (Tzedakah) to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Whether it was a dime or a dollar, we were reminded that it was our responsibility to always help to heal the world in any way we could.
On top of that, my parents and grandparents were always extremely involved in all sorts of charity work and campaigns, so you can definitely say it is in my blood.
As an adult, it has been my commitment to tithe 10% of my income to charity. I know that some people feel the “pinch” of giving, especially in tough times. For me, giving charity gives my soul power. It feels good to send money and know that my work as a yoga instructor reverberates far beyond my students and deep into the world.
Money is nothing more than shared energy. Think about the word “currency.” It is a current that runs in circles around and around the globe. We can all do our part by sharing that energy and up[lifting ourselves and others in the process.
During the pandemic, when things were particularly tough financially and it felt like I needed to back off some of my donations, I decided instead to double down and, in addition to my own donations, create a monthly Instagram fundraiser for the community.
I launched the #YOGAthletiCAUSE in March of 2021 ( and we have raised over $50,000 for a variety of amazing causes.
So…where does my generosity come from? It comes from my family, from my heritage, from my Jewish faith, from my yoga. Really, it comes from deep in my soul.

Thanks for sharing that. So, before we get any further into our conversation, can you tell our readers a bit about yourself and what you’re working on?
In March of 2002, I started two businesses, YOGAthletica ( and mini yogis yoga for kids ( Keep in mind that 20+ years ago, the notion of yoga for kids was considered novel at best and totally ridiculous at worst. Today, the children’s yoga industry is immense and the widespread awareness of the practice’s benefits for developing bodies and minds has made kids yoga ubiquitous.
With YOGAthletica, my mission is two-fold. The easy part is the physical. Getting people into postures that they never in a million years dreamed they could achieve. The more important part is the mind (and the soul, for those who are willing to go there). My students thrive in the mindset that their potential is limitless and they live deeply empowered lives.
My flagship program, the YOGAthletica Handstand Breakthrough Revolution ( combines learning to balance in handstand with bold self-empowerment to revolutionize not only my students’ yoga practices, but also their lives.
And with mini yogis, I have to say that my most rewarding work is the mind/body work I do one-on-one with children with special needs. Seeing the dramatic difference that yoga makes in these children’s lives is so deeply rewarding.

There is so much advice out there about all the different skills and qualities folks need to develop in order to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment and often it can feel overwhelming. So, if we had to break it down to just the three that matter most, which three skills or qualities would you focus on?
My most important qualities that define me…that’s a hard one!
1. Empathy
2. Integrity
3. Self-confidence
Advice to improve on each:
1. Empathy is simple. Put yourself someone else’s shoes. Get out of your own mind and put yourself behind their eyes. Too many people approach the world only in reference to how it directly affects them and only with the colored lens of their own experience. Keeping an open mind and an open heart to understand other people’s feelings and viewpoints changes how you live every single aspect of your life.
2. Integrity is a flame that burns inside. Remember that every single thing you say and do in life has your name on it. The big things and, yes, the small things. Think before acting. And keep asking yourself: if the whole world were to find out about this action, would I be proud?
3. Self-confidence is integral to overall success in life. To build your confidence, don’t forget to celebrate your wins every day. And remember that even teeny tiny wins add up to huge victories over time.

Awesome, really appreciate you opening up with us today and before we close maybe you can share a book recommendation with us. Has there been a book that’s been impactful in your growth and development?
The most fascinating book to cross my path in the past year–a year of huge personal growth–is “Three Magic Words” by US Andersen. I can’t give away the magic words because they are so powerful and mind-blowing that people really need to read the book to get the full impact, but the fundamental nugget of wisdom is really the same as the yoga concept of the Atman. The shared consciousness.
This book elucidates the idea of every being sharing one soul. It is a concept that is talked about in just about every form of mysticism, but to actually grasp this in concrete terms is truly life changing.

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Originally seen in Bold Journey


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