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When you’re looking for yoga classes for your school, mini yogis offers the most engaging classes, at the best price, with the most effective results!

All mini yogis teachers are specifically trained on how to teach yoga to children. What does that mean for you? Highly skilled, professional, and qualified instructors who are dedicated to changing the lives of children and making the world a better place.

We offer classes during the school day, after school, and even for special events. And what we teach isn’t just standing on your hands or tying yourself up in knots.

At mini yogis, our goal is to provide our students with real life skills, like learning how to focus better, cope more effectively with stress, and build self-confidence.

We also teach children patience, integrity, and how to be better citizens…and better human beings.

Want to share yoga with your whole school community? We also offer classes and special events for teachers, staff, and parents.

If you are interested in finding out more about bringing yoga into your school, you can click here to email Shana or call her at 310.471.9644 for more information. We book year-round and always have a space for your school!

In addition to Los Angeles County, San Diego County, and Orange County, we also serve many other major markets across the United States. Just ask!

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yoga is a gift

It is an uplifting, noncompetitive, mind-expanding, and fun way for children to build strength, spirit, and self-esteem.


mastering the ancient art of being a kid!


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"I've been using all of the tips, tricks and several of the lessons you taught us, and the students (and I) have been having a ball. I've started a new craze at the school that I'm hoping will continue for a long time! "

- shauna poutre, 
teacher training graduate, 
los angeles, california