gynie “44 Health and Fitness Experts Share The Benefits of Doing Pelvic Floor Exercises”
44 Health and Fitness Experts Share The Benefits of Doing Pelvic Floor Exercises (Excerpt)

Pelvic floor exercises are often overlooked, but in reality, they are essential for our health!

Many of us already go to the gym to lift weights or try different isolation machines. Those exercises help us build strong muscles.  Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget about your pelvic floor because the muscles aren’t visible outside of your body. When you invest time in pelvic floor exercises, it can have a major positive effect on your body in the long-term.

To learn more about the health benefits of pelvic floor exercises, we reached out to 44 doctors, fitness, yoga and pilates experts and asked them one key question:

What are the benefits of adding pelvic floor exercises to your fitness routine?

We received an impressive variety of answers that you can read in the post below.


Shana Meyerson

When people exercise, they tend to be primarily concerned with how they look on the outside, totally neglecting the most important aspect of health and longevity: being healthy on the inside.

In yoga, the pelvic floor is considered to be an extremely important muscle group that deserves significant attention. You will often hear references to “mula bandha”, an elusive concept to many that, at its most basic level, means engaging, strengthening and lifting the pelvic floor. Why is this so important?

On a purely medical basis, a strong pelvic floor helps to reduce your chances of prolapse, the slipping, falling, and collapsing of the internal organs. Especially when combined with a regular inversion practice, strengthening the pelvic floor helps to keep your internal organs in place and functioning at optimal capacity.

Beyond that, one of the most common symptoms of a weak pelvic floor (especially as we age) is urinary and/or fecal incontinence. Unpleasant and inconvenient, such incontinence can usually be avoided or alleviated by regular and proper pelvic floor exercise. And, male or female, pelvic strength will also help you to recover from reproductive traumas, such as prostate surgery or childbirth.



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