Tip of the Week: Healthy Dessert

Healthy Dessert

In an age that is rife with overeating and obesity, today’s tip is about the awesomest, tastiest, easiest, healthiest dessert that all kids will love.

Teaching kids to make healthy choices is part of the overall goal of yoga…maintaining a strong and healthy body, inside and out.

The recipe is soooooo easy (thanks to Christie Thrasher Rudd for this one!):

  1. Take equal parts nuts and dried fruit (for example, walnuts and raisins, cashews and dates, etc.).
  2. Put them in a food processor for about two minutes until pasty.
  3. Make them into balls, put them on wax paper and put in the refrigerator.

If you want to, you can roll them in chocolate chips, granola, cinnamon…anything, really. But honestly, they don’t need anything! Just make sure your kids don’t have allergies to nuts!

This simple two-ingredient recipe is so DE-licious, kids will want to eat a million of them! Now about that overeating…

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