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Welcome to the "mini yogis minute" weekly yoga tips for teachers and parents looking to create a more fun, engaging, and effective practice for their children. Be sure to check out mini yogis teacher training for all the tricks of the trade!

Creating order in the classroom is one of the most challenging aspects of teaching. So, it is important to know the difference between chaos and ordered chaos.

One of my primary goals in my yoga classes is to create a space that is safe, accepting, and fun for the kids. Children have so much structure in their lives already. I want to make sure that there is some playful wiggle room within the overall structure of the class.

What I want out of my kids is effort. They should be continuously and sincerely trying whatever activity we are doing. But if they are playing around within that context, that's okay. There's a distinct difference between playing around and goofing off.

Sometimes a child will come to class and spend a lot of time laughing, trying his or her own poses, or joking around between activities. But s/he also takes part in all of the structured class activities. This doesn't bother me. As long as s/he is doing all of the class poses and activities, it's okay if s/he spends some kid-time in between.

Children have so few times and places in their lives where they aren't constantly bombarded with orders of "do this", "don't do that", it's nice to create a space where kids can be kids and learn at the same time.

And that's the mini yogis minute tip of the week. Check back every week to learn something new!

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"I was shocked yesterday that both of my boys (one who is ADHD and can't sit still for a second!) sat perfectly still during opening meditation and Savasana. It was quite amazing. I also really loved that [Shana] had the kids tell the class WHO made them special and WHAT makes them special."

- cara ramelow & her sons, ages 5 & 8

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