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Shana Meyerson: YOGAthletica & mini yogis yoga for kids (Los Angeles, California)

Shana Meyerson had a very traditional education. Her parents spent a fortune sending her to Cornell University as a pre-law student…only to discover that she didn’t want to be a lawyer. And then she went on to UCLA Business School for her MBA…only to discover that she didn’t want to work in a traditional business environment.

Yes, she did get her college education. But she didn’t use it. At all.

In fact, Shana dropped out of her MBA program about halfway through, deciding to follow her passion and became a yoga instructor. For kids. Not a “respectable career” for an Ivy League grad. But it felt like a calling.

Now, in 2023, children’s yoga is ubiquitous. But in 2002, when Shana established mini yogis yoga for kids, the idea of children’s yoga was considered to be outlandish at best, and absolutely ridiculous at worst. She was instrumental in the creation of an industry.

As an adult instructor, Shana simultaneously launched YOGAthletica and taught at one of Los Angeles’s most prestigious yoga studios. In conjunction with mini yogis, she was traveling the world as a global expert in the yoga field within a year of taking her first class.

Because yoga spoke to her on a visceral level and because she had such a deep and undying love of children, taking this unconventional path made perfect sense. Shana didn’t know if she would be able to support herself on a yoga instructor’s salary (about $20,000 on average in 2002), but she did know it was something she had to do. And she did know it would make her happy.

Consider it a pleasant surprise that mini yogis grew so quickly that it built to a staff of 15 teachers and over 50 classes per week. To date, Shana has taught hundreds of mini yogis and YOGAthletica workshops and trainings worldwide and earns well into her six-figures. She gives a minimum of 10% of her income to charity and has transformed her Instagram feed into a fundraising mechanism for the yoga community.

Shana dramatically changes the lives of her students and is committed to making a true positive impact on the world at large.

Originally seen on Amazon Kindle

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yoga is a gift

It is an uplifting, noncompetitive, mind-expanding, and fun way for children to build strength, spirit, and self-esteem.


mastering the ancient art of being a kid!


"I've been using all of the tips, tricks and several of the lessons you taught us, and the students (and I) have been having a ball. I've started a new craze at the school that I'm hoping will continue for a long time! "

- shauna poutre, 
teacher training graduate, 
los angeles, california

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