I am 19 years old. I work at Gelson’s as a bagger. I like talking to people I know. They come see me on my line. I have been doing yoga since 2009 with DM from mini yogis. Now I assist her at We Rock the Spectrum. I like everything in yoga. My first time teaching was at my yoga party and I gave out medals. My favorite pose is the tree pose. We go to Temple Israel of Hollywood for Shabbat and I am a Shabbat Greeter. I greet people when they come to temple and tell them to have a peaceful Shabbat. I go to Bridgeport Vocational Education Center and I work at Lulu’s prep (preparing food for the school cafe). I love to cook at school and with my dad. And this year I also am making the yearbook with my friend. In the summer I go to Camp Ramah as a Ezra Staff Member. Last year I worked in the Ramah cafe and the nursery school.