nicoletteNicolette started her journey with Yoga in 1998. Through her practice she sees how, with commitment, yoga can change your physical body and help to peel away the layers of stress, allowing us to shine as our true selves. Nicolette has completed three Teacher Trainings/In Depth Study programs with world renowned teacher Saul David Raye whose holistic approach resonated with her. She is trained in seeing the whole person and developing classes to the needs of the students and families she teaches. She has also completed three Teacher Trainings for kids with Shana Meyerson of mini yogis, Pamela Hollander of Indigo Yoga and Leah Kahlish of Yoga Ed. It was here she feel in love with bringing yoga to kids of all ages, preschool through teenagers. Nicolette’s classes challenge the body inside and out! Through asana practice, games, music, meditation and breathwork she brings the classic principles of yoga into modern families living rooms! It is a honor to be able to pass along the teachings and traditions that have been taught to her.