Shana Meyerson Shares Her Life Transformation Story

Shana Meyerson shares her story about going from corporate life to teaching people how to do handstands all over the world. You’ll want to listen to her talk about overcoming fear, incremental growth, and unlocking your inner potential.

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Source is Kaiser Permanente GetFit.

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yoga is a gift

It is an uplifting, noncompetitive, mind-expanding, and fun way for children to build strength, spirit, and self-esteem.


mastering the ancient art of being a kid!


"I had such a wonderful time [at your teacher training] and it was so inspiring. I've read other books and material on teaching kids, but nothing has particularly grabbed me, but I really can see how your style will work...I feel very priveleged to have met you and to have learned from you."

- kim mccormick, teacher training graduate, sydney, australia

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