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Still not convinced that mini yogis teacher training is the right training for you???

Here are a few reasons that will convince you it is:

First of all, every single person who has taken another program’s weekend-long training and also taken the mini yogis training has said they got at least as much out of mini yogis in ten-hours as they did in another training that was twice as long. A vast majorty have told us that they actually got infinitely more out of mini yogis teacher training. We cover everything that other trainings cover and far, far more.

A few key differences between our training and theirs (whoever they may be):

1. Shana teaches all of her own trainings…which means that you benefit not only from her vast knowledge, but from her vast experience (teaching kids’ yoga and teacher trainings full-time since March 2002). Most other programs allow anyone who completes a specific training to lead a training….which means trainers who may know what’s in the book, but don’t have the real-life knowledge that can only come from experience.

2. Other programs call it a weekend-long training, but a lot of what you are paying for are a lot of breaks, redundant lectures, and observation. With mini yogis, it is almost 100% experiential, hands-on learning. You are not sitting there watching your trainer read a bunch of handouts that you can read yourself anyway. You are doing and learning and having a really great time. We don’t take many breaks at all, but the time goes so quickly, you won’t even believe it.

3. Shana is, guaranteed, the most organized and efficient trainer you will meet, packing way more than 10-hours of information into a ten-hour training. Guaranteed. Shana values her students’ time and doesn’t waste it…ever. Every minute of the training is packed with information. Every single minute.

4. A lot of other programs are very sterile and structured. You have to do everything exactly the way they say and they do not allow you any freedom in your practice. With mini yogis, we are all about teaching you how to unleash your own creativity, own what you teach, and be able to create new and fun activities for the rest of your life…instead of just rehashing someone else’s ideas.

5. The mini yogis training is one of the least expensive trainings out there. Way more bang for your buck!

6. After the training, Shana avails herself 100% to all of her grads. People can contact her any time and she will always reply with a comprehensive and timely response within 24 hours no matter where she is teaching in the world…usually a lot faster. Usually, she respond within one or two hours.

7. Everything that Shana does within the mini yogis training is totally fun and cool, but still rooted in classical yoga. We are not doing movement for movement’s sake. It’s all yoga. Something that differentiates Shana strongly from other trainers is that she is very classically trained (Sri Dharma Mittra) and is a very accomplished yogini in the adult yoga world, as well. Shana doesn’t just teach kids because she likes kids (though she does loooooooove kids!). She does it because yoga is her life and it is her goal to share it with children while they are young and their lives can be changed. Other trainings are mostly just about “here’s a down dog…now bark in it.” We take it waaaay beyond that to the next level, as well as integrating classical yoga, philosophy, and deeper aspects of the practice into the training.

8. If you live in Southern California, mini yogis does all our hiring from among our training grads. And we hire all the time. We are a Los Angeles-based company–the biggest (by far) yoga for kids program in Los Angeles–and are always looking for new teachers to join our team. We pay much higher than other programs, and some of our top teachers are teaching a dozen or more weekly classes for us in peak periods and others on their own using the mini yogis techniques. That being said, if you don’t live in Southern California, you can still use your mini yogis certification to get your own classes and earn back your investment in no time flat!

We could go on, but bottom line is…we 100% guarantee that if you take the training, you will be happy you did. Period.

If you are interested in participating in any of these trainings, would like to host an upcoming training in your hometown, or simply want more information, please click here to email Shana, or call her at 310.471.9644.

And for a headstart on your practice, be sure to sign up for the free mini yogis minute tip of the week!

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"...Your class has really helped me persevere and stay strong through tough times...Through your class, I am learning how to channel that negative energy and focus on positive aspects of life and my future. "

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