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At mini yogis yoga for kids we foster creativity, cooperation, and confidence in a safe environment where all children are perfect just the way they are.

Children aren’t little adults. They have different needs, respond to different stimuli, and learn in different ways. That’s why mini yogis offers nontraditional yoga classes: invigorating, interactive, imaginative journeys into your child’s developing mind, body, and spirit. Shana conducts mini yogis teacher trainings around the globe, certifying all of her teachers to think boldly, and profoundly change the lives of children.

Unlike many other yoga programs that simply scale adult practices down into child-size chunks, mini yogis builds each practice from the ground up, creating an exclusively child-based yoga practice and giving children the sometimes rare opportunity to just be kids within the context of asana and meditation.

Let mini yogis yoga for kids help your child develop flexibility, focus, and coordination for a happy, healthy, balanced life.

mini yogis yoga for kids

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Enlightening children throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, and the San Fernando Valley.

Also offering yoga classes for children with special needs as well as classes in Spanish and other languages...just ask!

Yes...we offer adult yoga classes too! click here...

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"I had such a wonderful time [at your teacher training] and it was so inspiring. I've read other books and material on teaching kids, but nothing has particularly grabbed me, but I really can see how your style will work...I feel very priveleged to have met you and to have learned from you."

- kim mccormick, teacher training graduate, sydney, australia

yoga is a gift

It is an uplifting, noncompetitive, mind-expanding, and fun way for children to build strength, spirit, and self-esteem.


mastering the ancient art of being a kid!


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