Tip of the Week: Engaging Students, Start to Finish

As you get more and more experienced with your teaching, you will quickly learn what your “slam dunk” activities are…the ones that the kids simply love every time.

While it is my strong suggestion that you mix up your classes every day–changing poses and activities with each class–of course there is a certain amount of room for repetition.

My basic rule is this: all but one activity per class are my choice, my prerogative, based upon my goals for the class. And then, just before savasana, the kids get to do one super-fun preferred activity.

That way, no matter how the kids respond to the rest of the class, we always leave on a good, strong note. The kids always leave wanting more.

That being said, wherever I teach, I always take my bag of tricks with me. In the bag: all of the props and toys I need for any game or activity that my kids might choose to do that day. That way, I know I’m always prepared and no one goes home disappointed.

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