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I wish I were bilingual. Heck, I wish I were trilingual or even quadrilingual...if that's even a word. (See, I'm not even that unilingual).

If you happen to know a foreign language, you have a fabulous skill to enhance your practice.Yoga can be used a vehicle to teach language to children, by not only teaching in another language, but talking about the poses as well.

For example, you may want to start with a yoga handshake (stand facing each other, each person holds the other's right foot with their left hand and then shakes hands with the right), and learn how to say "hello, how are you?" and "my name is...".

Then, all of the poses are great vehicles for learning the parts of the body. And you can add discussions: in tree, ask what kind of tree they are, in cobra ask what kind of noise snakes make, in triangle, ask how many triangles they make with their body. Really, any discussion is good discussion when learning a foreign language, no matter how simple or complex. And discussions in poses serve another useful purpose...they trick kids into holding the postures longer!

Teaching language through yoga can be a great way to build your business if you live in a foreign country and are more comfortable speaking in your native tongue, live in an area where a lot of people speak a particular foreign language (i.e. Spanish speakers in America), or even just want to teach your native tongue to immigrants who are trying to assimilate.

Adding language lessons to your yoga teachings will differentiate your practice from other teachers' and can open up a whole new market of students.

And that's the mini yogis minute tip of the week. Check back every week to learn something new!

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