Photo courtesy of Melissa Heckscher,

Photo courtesy of Melissa Heckscher,

By Melissa Heckscher

Yoga & kids

You’d think getting a group of 8-year-olds to sit quietly in lotus position would be nearly impossible, but for Shana Meyerson, it’s just part of the job.

Meyerson is founder of mini yogis yoga for kids, a class that teaches the basics of yoga in a playful-enough format to keep kids interested. Excited, even.

“To me, kids are most in their element when they’re allowed to play,” Meyerson said. “This is a much more playful, fun and creative place, where kids can be kids.”

That means taking traditional yoga moves – headstands, downward-facing-dogs, eagle poses – and turning them into games, dances and songs. The result? Kids will be saying “om” before they know what hit them.

Where to do it:

Throughout L.A:

  • >Where: mini yogis yoga for kids classes are offered through private individual and group lessons only.
  • >Cost: $60 and up for group classes (price varies depending on group size).
  • >Information: (310) 471-9644 or